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Oven Cleaning in Clapham Suited to Any Type of Appliance

It shouldn’t be difficult to make sure you and your family are eating healthily cooked food. That’s where this service for oven cleaning in Clapham will help you out. Because why not put your feet up while someone else takes care of all of the scrubbing?

We’ll send you a specially trained expert armed with the latest in cooker cleaning tools – the dip tank system – to get the job done. This method works by cleansing every part of your appliance individually. To do this, we’ll take it apart and soak each part before putting everything back together again and carefully testing. This is the best way to ensure that not only you and your family are eating well – but also that your electricity costs stay low. And best of all, if you notice any problems with your service:

Simply give us a call and we’ll come back for no extra charge!

Contact us using our chat feature or our booking form to send us your details, or just pick up your phone and dial 02037465036. The Friendly adviser you speak to will be glad to answer any questions you might have, give you your free quote, or set up your appointment for the time that’s best for you. We keep our lines open 24 hours a day, ready to help you.

What You Get With Your Oven, BBQ and Furnace Cleaning?

After we’ve completed every service we ask for some feedback – and the feedback we get is that 97% or more of our clients would use us again, no problem! It’s because with us you’ll get:

  • The most modern and effective treatment technique for any kind of oven and furnace cleaning in Clapham
  • Staff who’ve been trained specifically to handle the task at hand
  • Fully insured services – great for your peace of mind while we take care of your valuable cooker
  • Support around the clock no matter what you need – call now or contact us online!
  • A broad array of booking times, including holidays and weekends
  • Get a free quote on request, so you can go ahead with your booking with all the information you need
Support when you need it:

give us a call and book 24/7!

Relax while we work:

your maid is fully vetted and insured

Free re-clean on-demand:

if you ever have a problem!

What's the Best Method to Use in Oven Cleaning in Clapham?

No matter who we’re being the oven cleaners in Clapham for today, we recommend using an advanced dip tank technique. This is true whether we’re washing the cooker in your home, the large appliance in your workplace, or any barbeque or furnace. How does this method work?

First of all, we’ll check your appliance to see how well it’s working. After this we’ll use our specialist knowledge of cooking devices to take yours apart. Each component is soaked individually in a vat of eco-friendly cleansing solution, wiped clean, and then put back in the right spot. This means that no corner gets missed, and no charcoal or greasy deposits are left behind.

You can get this service as part of the end of tenancy cleaning you get from us for FREE. And it’s also a handy addition to our deep cleaning service. Doubly so, because when you book all of the services you need from us simultaneously, we’ll be pleased to give you a big discount!

Expertly Trained Staff From Friendly Maids

The Friendly Maids Clapham team that arrives on your doorstep will know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to cleansing your appliance. That’s because we give every member of staff intensive training in how to use our state of the art equipment most effectively.

What’s more, you’re covered by comprehensive insurance cover as well as our full re-clean guarantee from start to finish.

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