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Domestic Cleaning in Clapham Flexible Enough For Your Schedule

Got too much to do in your week without household chores and cleaning added in on top? What about a service for domestic cleaning in Clapham that does everything your way?

That’s what this option is set up to give you. It’s a reliable regular service that you can book on whatever basis is best for you – weekly, fortnightly, or monthly – and make sure you get your list of jobs ticked off every time. How? Simply make us a list of the things you’d like taken care of around your home. This can be general cleaning and tidying, help with chores like ironing or doing your dishes – anything that would make your week easier! Plus, of course in the event you have an issue…

You can count on us to come back and put it right for FREE.

Call us now and get a free quote on the service that you want to book. We operate our support systems around the clock, so whether you choose to call us on 02037465036 or contact us online you’ll always be put right through to someone who’s ready to help. If you have a question or are ready to book, simply give us a call now.

Why Get Your Home Cleaning Here?

We’re committed to asking for feedback after we complete any home cleaning in Clapham – and when we do, more than 97% of our customers say they’ll gladly use us again. Why? Because like you, they get:

  • A handy service that fits in around your timetable with no hassle – daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly
  • The same maid every time so you can build up a solid working relationship
  • A guaranteed re-clean on demand – we want you to be secure in the quality that you’re getting
  • Care and support around the clock – you can call us any time, 24/7
  • Times available to book at the weekend and on Bank Holidays
  • Get a special deal when you book multiple services, and a free quote before you confirm your appointment

How to Customise Your Domestic Cleaning in Clapham?

This flexible service is ideal for any size of home, including flats, apartments, houses – any domestic building you care to name. So however much square footage you need us to clean, it won’t be a problem.

When you use us to find a reliable and friendly maid in Clapham, you’ll be getting work from the same individual, week-in, week-out. That’s because we find that this will let you build a good working relationship quickly and easily. If you need to change your requirements for this week’s service – and remember these can include household chores too – all you need to do is give us a quick call on our 24/7 support line to let us know.

Clients who order this service often begin their regular appointments with either our spring cleaning or deep cleaning option. This gives you a chance to get all of the big jobs taken care of in one big bash first, so your ongoing appointments can remain as short as possible. It also means you’ll benefit from some special savings – because we offer money off when you book more than one of our services at the same time.

Support when you need it:

give us a call and book 24/7!

Relax while we work:

your maid is fully vetted and insured

Free re-clean on-demand:

if you ever have a problem!

Who's On the Friendly Maids Clapham Team?

We don’t call ourselves Friendly Maids for nothing! When we’re hiring new faces we’re always looking for the same dedication to cheerful customer service, as well as a solid work ethic and commitment to quality.

No matter what you need us for, we’ll always be covering you with full insurance, and our free re-clean guarantee. So you can sit back and relax once your cleaner arrives and gets to work!

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