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Rug and Carpet Cleaning in Clapham Protecting Your Fabric

There’s no need to worry about old or faded fabric… What if there was a hassle-free service for carpet cleaning in Clapham which was capable of dealing with any fabric type? And which gave you the best chance of handling any stains?

That’s precisely what this option is for. We’ve got access to the latest and most effective tools supplied by industry leading name Prochem. These include dry cleaning options for natural fabrics, and hot water extraction devices for artificial fibres. Whichever we recommend using on your carpets, it’s worth remembering:

That if you ever notice a problem with the work we’ve done, you can call us back for free!

Calling 02037465036 is the easy way to make your booking or request a free quote. It’s always a good time to get in touch, and you can also contact us online if you prefer to avoid a phone call. We keep all of our support facilities staffed around the clock, so you can make or rearrange a booking at any time.

What Comes Alongside Your Fabric and Rug Cleaning?

Over 97% of the customers who’ve used our services before have said they’d use us again. To make sure our record stays this good, we always give you:

The correct technique to use for any kind of fabric or rug cleaning in Clapham
Professional staff armed with both the latest Prochem tools and specialist training
Services that protect you with both insurance and our free re-clean guarantee
24-hour customer care and support for all services as standard
A convenient appointment whenever it’s best for you, including weekends or Bank Holidays
Value for money on single services, and multi-service bookings too – plus a free quote before you start

Support when you need it:

give us a call and book 24/7!

Relax while we work:

your maid is fully vetted and insured

Free re-clean on-demand:

if you ever have a problem!

Carpet Cleaning in Clapham - Methods and Techniques We'll Use

The precise method that we’ll use when we’re your carpet cleaners will depend on the nature of your fabric:

Do you have an artificial or synthetic blend of fabric? We prefer to use hot water extraction equipment for these types of material. This is an intensive clean that penetrates deeply, working well on all kinds of stains, and in destroying allergens and pollutants.

Do you own naturally woven fabric? Items made of materials like sisal, seagrass, and jute will benefit most from our dry cleaning expertise. This consists of using a fine powder and no liquid whatsoever – meaning there’s no risk of shrinking your fabric, and no drying time.

It’s common for our other clients to book this service alongside their spring cleaning or deep cleaning. Why? Because when you book everything you need from us at the same time today, you’ll be able to say hello to big savings on the work you need done!

Friendly Maids Clapham - Who Will We Send?

Giving the team that arrive on your doorstep specialist training in the most efficient way to clean your rugs and carpets is our way of making sure you always get the service you need. We provide a free re-clean with your appointment too, which would be risky if we weren’t 100% confident in the quality we deliver!

Bear in mind that you and your fabric are covered by full insurance right from the start of your service, so you can put your feet up while we work our magic.

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